Hello Everyone!

The holidays are here and everyone is full of smiles and laughter.  I love watching people as I go about my day in Manchester.  Shoppers on the sidewalks with rosy cheeks…children with big eyes in Mother Myrick’s waiting for a chocolate…hugs outside of Northshire book store before they go in to shop.  I literally hear carols in my head as I watch all of this lovely good cheer.

Santa has his list and….so do I.  First on my list is to add a cup of warm honey & spice white wine to our specials.  It has a touch of Ancho Reyes in it that can warm your littlest toe.  Second…talk to Mark to add his delicious creamy clam chowder that he serves with a little stack of fried clams.  I swear you will want to dip the clam into the warm delicious soup.  Everybody does!   Third…go out and do a bit of shopping…shhhh. Don’t tell Mark….it’s for him.

Also….for Mark….If anyone would like to vote for a nomination for a James Beard award, I’ve include the link.

That would be a nice gift and the voting expires the end of December.

I hope your holidays are filled with love, hugs and tons of smiles.