Hello Everyone!

I am so grateful at this moment in my life. Throughout this past year we are so fortunate to have this beautiful new restaurant and all of you that have come in to share this experience with us. Everyone has been amazing and so fun for me to chat with. If I haven’t made it over to see you it is only because we are still shorthanded and I was waiting tables. However I can see the light at the end of that tunnel. The employees that have worked with us throughout the pandemic hold a special place in my heart. Thank you all.

But this post is special in that I have two very important people that I wanted to thank. Without them we wouldn’t have been able to function properly or even at all. Please take a bow… our daughter, Morgan and our son, Noah. They have grown up in our restaurants their entire lives. They have had birthday breakfasts, deferred holidays and even learned to bus tables when they were little. They have been a part of every working day with us and this past year we have relied upon them entirely.

Morgan has experience working in several other restaurants as well. She is now my Assistant Manager and she is a wonder. She has taken over the integration of our new reservation system and is very patient with me while I learn it. She has made it possible for me to make the transition from a smaller place to a much larger one by taking so much off my shoulders. She is organized and systematic and does it all with charm and a wicked sense of humor. Thank you Morgan for being here and making us so proud. You will see her many times at the hostess stand…at least until she gets someone trained.

Noah has helped us out in the kitchen since we opened and put his education on hold to help us get up on our feet. He helps in all areas of the kitchen but primarily works with desserts. He has been so amazing with the entire staff and with Mark especially. He has a calm disposition even in the heat of the moment and keeps everyone on their toes with life questions. Noah just left to go back to school and we couldn’t be prouder.

Although this past year and a half have been difficult in so many ways, I feel especially grateful to have had this time with both of them and want to say a special thank you to them for everything they do!

Next blog will definitely be about food and wine.

See you in the dining room,