Hi Everyone,

Spring is just around the corner. I can smell it in the air and feel it in the warm sunshine. My walks with the dogs are getting longer and I saw some tiny flowers trying to bloom. I love to watch Spring. it’s like watching everything start to move and yawn….waking up. I can see it too on a daily basis. I know some people want it to be green already, but for me, the process is a wonder.

This Spring we are doing something different. We always take some time in April for vacation and we are closing the last two weeks of April. This time we thought it would be fun to be a little creative. Mark and I are going to create four special dinners for a limited amount of guests. Mark already has some delicious ideas We are going to start with a glass of bubbly and a chance for everyone to meet. Then we will be serving a six course dinner and pair them with wines. The dinners will be the last two Fridays and Saturdays in April. If you are interested please call us at 802-768-8444 for more details.

I don’t know about you but tomorrow I am going to wash my car, put on my sunglasses and wave at everyone on the sidewalk like I know them. This is going to be a wonderful Spring.

See you soon,