Hello everyone!

I hope everyone is doing well! I’m keeping busy… 6 seasons of Glee isn’t going to watch itself. I’ve decided that every time the kids sing and dance I’m going to stand up and dance too. Gotta move to the music!

We only have till the end of the month to stay open for pick up so….we will be open tonight and for the next seven days. 5:00 to 8:00. You can call anytime to order. If we are not here just leave a message and I will call you back. Turns out the crab cake is super popular for takeout.

Please keep your spirits up with a a full blown Broadway song and dance! Ok… I might need to turn off the TV!

Stay safe,

The Silver Fork

Hello Everyone,

Although I am saddened by these difficult times, I am feeling so proud of family and neighbors.  There is a sense of community here that makes me so happy to have chosen Manchester as my home.  Vermonters are intrepid with a wry sense of humor and I just love that.

As you all know the restaurants in Vermont are shut down with exceptions for at home dining.  We have decided to remain open for pick up and delivery for  a minimum of two weeks.  I will be calling everyone who has a reservation over the next two days.

Mark is taking special care and we are using gloves throughout the entire preparation and packaging of the dinners.  If any of you know Mark like I do you will know that he is a clean freak so we have plenty of sanitizer that is being used.  The menu will be slightly pared down as there are a few items that just don’t travel very well.  I will post the menu here on my blog and the dessert menu will be paired down as well.

Call us and set your table with a candle and have a romantic dinner at home.

Be Safe,




Hello Everyone!

As most of you know…I just love this time of year.  If anyone bah humbugs me I burst into carol….if you glare at me in line while shopping I will toss a “Happy Holiday” your direction.  I am so filled with cheer that the wreaths smile at me as I go by.  Manchester knows how to puts it’s best foot forward too…all the bows and lights that sparkle at night.  See….I spontaneously break out into poetry.  I love the shoppers…..shopkeepers…the bookstore and readers.  I love the snow….the skiers, the snowboarders and …..and I believe I am channeling Dr. Seuss.

You get the picture.  It is beautiful here.   If you haven’t been to Manchester during the Holidays….I highly recommend it.

Just a note on the kitchen…Mark has added his version of Beef Stroganoff to the menu. It is absolutely delicious. As usual….I have some wonderful wines for you to choose from.

Have a wonderful Holiday season and enjoy every moment.



Hello Everyone!

Have you all enjoyed this Autumn as much as I have?  It just keeps going and I for one am thrilled. Everyone looks so stylish in their cute jackets and boots with an occasional, colorful scarf.  I spoke to the cutest couple who said they couldn’t stop picking apples and now are busy baking.

Speaking of baking….Mark has brought back the Floating Island or as it is called in France…Ile Flottante.  This dessert has been a favorite so we are very excited to have it on the menu again.  It melts in your mouth and is like eating sweet air.  Really!!

Enjoy the crisp air and the rich colors of the season and If you see a pile of leaves…run through them and kick them about like a child.  It will make you laugh.   Ahhh…..Vermont Autumn!

See you soon,



Hello Everyone!

As we all know…Mother nature is either early or late depending on her mood and this year she is running late.  That being said…it’s starting and from what I can see the colors are going to be rich and brilliant.  That is if we can make the rain stay away.  I understand that rain is our friend, but give me a sunny, crisp Autumn day and I walk on air…….or crunchy leaves.  Today my friends is one of those perfect Autumn days. A day for long drives, warm apple cider donuts and local apple cider.  If I were a little girl I would be twirling my dress in excitement.

We are ready for the season…..Mark is busy making his baked apple.  It is filled with brown sugar, cinnamon and raisins and then covered in marzipan and pastry.  When you order it he pops it in the oven, and 30 minutes later ….serves it with home made cinnamon ice cream.  I’m speechless…….ok, we all know that’s not true, however it is amazing.

I’ve gotten in the mood with our Autumn Sangria, Vermont Mule and Autumn Haze cocktails.  Of course they all include apple cider.  Yum!!!

As usual…I like to urge you to take a walk…hike…bike ride…or just stroll around town and shop while you enjoy this time of year. You could also pull on a warm sweater and sip on your morning coffee outside on the porch while you watch the squirrels scamper around collecting everything in site.  However you want to partake of Autumn just inhale the crisp fresh air…it will revitalize you!

Don’t forget to spot all of the  beautiful pumpkins too!