Hello Everyone!

As most of you know…I just love this time of year.  If anyone bah humbugs me I burst into carol….if you glare at me in line while shopping I will toss a “Happy Holiday” your direction.  I am so filled with cheer that the wreaths smile at me as I go by.  Manchester knows how to puts it’s best foot forward too…all the bows and lights that sparkle at night.  See….I spontaneously break out into poetry.  I love the shoppers…..shopkeepers…the bookstore and readers.  I love the snow….the skiers, the snowboarders and …..and I believe I am channeling Dr. Seuss.

You get the picture.  It is beautiful here.   If you haven’t been to Manchester during the Holidays….I highly recommend it.

Just a note on the kitchen…Mark has added his version of Beef Stroganoff to the menu. It is absolutely delicious. As usual….I have some wonderful wines for you to choose from.

Have a wonderful Holiday season and enjoy every moment.



Hello Everyone!

Have you all enjoyed this Autumn as much as I have?  It just keeps going and I for one am thrilled. Everyone looks so stylish in their cute jackets and boots with an occasional, colorful scarf.  I spoke to the cutest couple who said they couldn’t stop picking apples and now are busy baking.

Speaking of baking….Mark has brought back the Floating Island or as it is called in France…Ile Flottante.  This dessert has been a favorite so we are very excited to have it on the menu again.  It melts in your mouth and is like eating sweet air.  Really!!

Enjoy the crisp air and the rich colors of the season and If you see a pile of leaves…run through them and kick them about like a child.  It will make you laugh.   Ahhh…..Vermont Autumn!

See you soon,



Hello Everyone!

As we all know…Mother nature is either early or late depending on her mood and this year she is running late.  That being said…it’s starting and from what I can see the colors are going to be rich and brilliant.  That is if we can make the rain stay away.  I understand that rain is our friend, but give me a sunny, crisp Autumn day and I walk on air…….or crunchy leaves.  Today my friends is one of those perfect Autumn days. A day for long drives, warm apple cider donuts and local apple cider.  If I were a little girl I would be twirling my dress in excitement.

We are ready for the season…..Mark is busy making his baked apple.  It is filled with brown sugar, cinnamon and raisins and then covered in marzipan and pastry.  When you order it he pops it in the oven, and 30 minutes later ….serves it with home made cinnamon ice cream.  I’m speechless…….ok, we all know that’s not true, however it is amazing.

I’ve gotten in the mood with our Autumn Sangria, Vermont Mule and Autumn Haze cocktails.  Of course they all include apple cider.  Yum!!!

As usual…I like to urge you to take a walk…hike…bike ride…or just stroll around town and shop while you enjoy this time of year. You could also pull on a warm sweater and sip on your morning coffee outside on the porch while you watch the squirrels scamper around collecting everything in site.  However you want to partake of Autumn just inhale the crisp fresh air…it will revitalize you!

Don’t forget to spot all of the  beautiful pumpkins too!



Hello Everyone!

Manchester is the best of new and old.  Neighbors sipping ice tea on their front porch in the afternoon….saying hello to passersby….while sending out a facebook post to their loved ones.  The smell of BBQ in the early evening while the kids play in the backyard with a drone.  Or….passing a beautiful Vermont Inn and taking a photo of it with your phone. I love this so much.  I love that I can go to the bookstore and read reviews in front of the books and yet they offer WiFi to listen to podcasts.  I love that I can go to the farmers market and get local honey or yogurt and then overnight it to my sister.  Shh…. it’s a surprise.

Speaking of combining new and old…….we are making a new cheeseboard using an aged cheese.  Barkeater Cheese is made by Consider Bardwell Farm and then aged for six weeks at Crown Finish Caves.  It is their take of the French style Vacherin Mont d’Or.  It is wrapped in spruce bark harvested in the Adirondack mountains. We serve it warm with a variety of accroutrements including Armenian Cherries.  This will serve 4 guests and is for $60.00.   We begin serving this on Wednesday July 31 and due to the limited amount we will only have 5 to offer this week and 6 next week.  I am so excited about this but then I have been a cheese lover for a lifetime.  Wine is so important with this cheese but I have several that will go with it well.  Let’s talk!

As usual, I like to encourage you to get out and spend time in Machester!  Hiking, swimming, shopping…it’s all fun.  Say hi to each other and stop for an ice tea to cool off.

See you in the Restaurant,




Hello Everyone!

We just re-opened after our spring break and if feels good to be back.  We painted and scrubbed and generally spring cleaned.  I must say….looking good.  My spring list seems to be never ending…I’m sure you understand.  Every task I complete makes me feel like I can conquer the world.  I feel like Hercules…or at the very least Mr. Clean.  I also planted some beautiful flowers and am hoping I didn’t plant too early.  I’ve never been a plant whisperer…however I’m tempted to go out and give them verbal encouragement.

It’s spring in Vermont which means we waffle back and forth between beautiful sunny flower days and green, rainy soup days. Good thing Mark just added our New England Clam Chowder with Fried Clams to the menu.  Hits the spot!!!  And of course I like pairing it up with a delicious new Vermentino from Troon Vineyards.  You will love it.  I do!!!

As always, take some time for yourself.   Make time for a little spring achievement…even if it’s organizing a drawer or your purse….then sit back…pour a glass of wine and pat yourself on the back.  It feels good, take it from me..

Enjoy Spring!!!!!




Hello Everyone!

I’m sitting here looking out the window from my cozy little office and I see the most glorious snow coming down.  The snowflakes are so big they look like feathers falling from the sky.  Vermont and snow just go together and might I add that there were no cancellations for tonight!  I love that.  Intrepid all!!

Mark has made some fresh ground veal lasagna and it is exactly what the Doctor ordered.  He gives a choice of homemade marinara or bechemel sauce as well and on a night like tonight I’m thinking creamy sounds so good.    I also have added “Tost” to the wine list.  It is a delicious sparkling non-alcoholic drink that is not over the top sweet and goes well with food for all of those designated drivers. For those who are not driving I have a wonderful gluhwein.  A warm honey, cinnamon and red wine drink that we flavor with an ancho chili liquor.  Perfect on a snowy day!

My hope for you is that you get to enjoy the snow either out in it or sipping tea by your window, under your fuzzy warm blanket while watching the beautiful flakes swirl around.

Wait…..Ok…..I am watching four stunning redbirds outside on my tree.  Not kidding!  See what happens when you take a moment to enjoy nature!

Hope to see you soon,





Hello Everyone!

The holidays are here and everyone is full of smiles and laughter.  I love watching people as I go about my day in Manchester.  Shoppers on the sidewalks with rosy cheeks…children with big eyes in Mother Myrick’s waiting for a chocolate…hugs outside of Northshire book store before they go in to shop.  I literally hear carols in my head as I watch all of this lovely good cheer.

Santa has his list and….so do I.  First on my list is to add a cup of warm honey & spice white wine to our specials.  It has a touch of Ancho Reyes in it that can warm your littlest toe.  Second…talk to Mark to add his delicious creamy clam chowder that he serves with a little stack of fried clams.  I swear you will want to dip the clam into the warm delicious soup.  Everybody does!   Third…go out and do a bit of shopping…shhhh. Don’t tell Mark….it’s for him.

Also….for Mark….If anyone would like to vote for a nomination for a James Beard award, I’ve include the link.

That would be a nice gift and the voting expires the end of December.

I hope your holidays are filled with love, hugs and tons of smiles.



I love the slow moving changes of Autumn.  I watch the trees as the brilliant leaves gently drift to the ground.  I see the grass change from emerald to a soft shade of yellow and I can taste the clean, crisp Vermont air.  We are ever so slowly making our way toward winter………but not just yet.  Pull out your favorite sweater and most comfortable boots.  This is a wonderful time to just get out and take a walk, go for a hike or just stroll down main street.  You will find a bounce in your step and a smile on  your face.  Manchester is waiting for you!

And….so are we.  Mark is finding the best things.  He has added an aged blue cheese from Consider Bardwell Farm, called 802 Blue.  This is such a delicious cheese with and he serves it with Armenian cherries and baked, crisp filo topped with pistachios.  Don’t ask me how he knows exactly the right combinations…he just does.  He has his gifts….and so do I!     MONTE ZOVO, VALPOLICELLA RIPASSO!   Just sayin!!!

I hope you enjoy November with it’s time for family and friends as much as I do.  Just remember to take a deep breath of the Autumn air when you go outside.

Hope to see you soon,



pumpkin flan

Just one more reason to love Autum!!!

Pumpkin Flan with maple, caramel sauce, lemon mascapone & roasted pumpkin seeds.

I need to sit down.


Hello Everyone!

Yesterday and the day before were perfect days.  So….today is a bit cloudy…maybe rainy…a tad cool….that just makes me appreciate the perfects days when they are here.

In the meantime….I have Three Cheese Onion Soup and all sorts of warm delicious food to warm your soul.   We also have a cocktail called ….wait for it….a….Perfect Day.  It is made with tequila, amaretto, lime juice and simple syrup.  If I can’t be living a perfect day….I can sip on one.

As part of the Summer Festival,  Taconic Music holds Saturday-night chamber music concerts at the Riley Center for the Arts at BBA.  June 23, June 30, July 7, and July 14.  If you dine here on a Saturday night and keep your Credit card receipt…you can use it as a $5.00 discount on your ticket for the same night or for the following Saturday.  This is a lovely way to enjoy Vermont’s finest musicians in the lush Green Mountains.

Hope to see you soon,