Spring…. Could it be?

Hello Everyone!

So…I feel a bit like spring today.  I know there is still a lot of skiing going on but the sun is shining and it’s an entirely agreeable  41 degrees.  It’s one of those beautiful, delightful days that makes me think of sun dresses and of how I should have started a diet sooner.  But that day is not today….it’s a sangria day!  We make red and white sangria with rum…yum!  I usually wait until there is at least no snow on the ground but I’m making an exception this year.

I am also excited that coming soon we will have a rose’ flight.  Three different rose wines from three different countries.  I feel like doing a Snoopy dance…the one where his nose is in the air and he is just dancing around.

Mark of course has made a delicious special.  Salmon en Croute….Salmon baked in puff pastry served with a dill cream sauce and spinach salad.  Words…fail.  This is one you just have to see to believe.  I would just like to add one more thing….Sancerre!  Piercing acidity like dipping your toe in an ice cold mountain stream….in the spring! I keep going back to that theme.

I want you to enjoy today.  Try to enjoy the crisp, sunny air and take a walk.  I’m on my way out the door to do so now.  Or…..just try a sangria while there is still snow on the ground.  Let happiness reign!!

Hope to see you soon,

Melody…the happy


Hello Everyone!

This is the time of year that everyone has a few resolutions in mind to help change your life for the better and I’m all for it.  However I have found that it is also productive to take a look at some mistakes I have made in the past year so that I don’t repeat them.  For example…there are a couple of drinks that I’m pretty sure will never see the light of day again.  Also I am not making the mistake of listing my mistakes over the past year here …so ….. moving on….

Is it cold out or what?  I’ll tell you one thing…that crisp, clean, mountain air will wake  you up and make you feel alive.  Once you feel pure and energized…you need some delicious warm food.  I have some!!

Mark has just added his Beef Stroganoff to the menu and it is wonderful.  Made with tenderloin and mushrooms, it pours out of a crisp filo bowl and is topped with sauteed pickles and onion.   And the sauce….unbelievable!

And just in case you need a little more warmth…I have the most amazing Winter Daquiri…made with aged rum and cinnamon simple syrup….now this one is no mistake!! I taste tested it more than once.

I hope the new year brings you happiness and dreams come true.

See you in 2018!!




Hello everyone!

I woke up to a beautiful, glowing early morning mist.  As I sipped my coffee I caught sight of an acrobatic squirrel high up in the big tree outside my window.  He was sailing through the branches and for a second I felt the thrill of flight and held my breath.  Like a Cirque de Soliel performer he hit his landing on the tiniest of branches and then after bouncing madly….he shot off and I lost sight of his fluffy tail in the mist.  I laughed out loud as I noticed that I was not the only one watching….my cat was glued to the window too.

We are in one of the last summer days as we move into Autumn.  Orvis has put out their pumpkins and the trees are just beginning to change color.  The whole of Manchester is slowly getting ready for the pageant of color that is on it’s way.   But…for the moment…it is still just around the corner.

We were lucky enough to receive an amazing assortment of end of summer garden vegetables…all heirloom from a local super green thumb gardener.  Mark has made the most amazing chunky Ratatouille topped with goat cheese and then baked.   I feel like this dish is a wonderful transition from summer to fall.  I  have paired it with our wine Duet.  This is two half glasses of  Pinot Noir…one from Oregon and one from Austria.  Yum!   I have also added an Autumn Mule to my drink menu.  Oh yes I did.  Hint….apple cider.  Come on Autumn!

As summer fades and glorious autumn moves in….take time to go on a Sunday drive and pick apples, or just watch a squirrel scamper in the red leaves over your morning coffee…and laugh.





As I took my walk this morning I was smelling fresh mowed grass and looking at pretty flowers in yards, on porches, in hanging baskets and it makes me smile.  Manchester on a beautiful July morning is just a sight.  The birds singing, the clouds drifting overhead and a flag waving from every front porch.  It’s the kind of day you expect to smell BBQ on a grill later in the afternoon or see people sipping ice tea on the porch.  In other words….it’s my kind of day.

Speaking of BBQ….Mark is making an appetizer….wait for it….Tamarind BBQ Pork Eggroll.  It’s so good I can’t even begin to describe it.  Of course I am paring it with our Austrian white duet….half glass each of two different Grunner Veltlinners.  I do like to have fun with our wines.

Also Mark has his nod to July with our amazing Strawberry Shortcake.  Let me explain….warm almond shortcake, summer strawberries, vanilla ice cream and homemade whipped cream.  That’s right…that’s what I said.  It just makes me happy.  If you pair a glass of a delicious Creamy  Lemoncello with it you will be tasting summer.

I hope your Fourth of July is fun with family and sparklers,



Hello Everyone!

Have you looked out the window?  What I see out mine is a green, lush landscape that takes my breath away.  Like a honey crisp apple…each day is delicious.  I have opened windows and doors and am letting the sun shine in.  I’m not the only one either….everyone is out and about all over Manchester.

Mark is enjoying this weather also….he has the kitchen door wide open and if you pass by you can smell something delicious in the oven.  One of my favorite desserts has returned….Vanilla Flan with Dulce de Leche, Banana and cinnamon plantain crisps.  That’s right….it is as good as it sounds.  I have recently discovered a creamy lemoncello that we serve cold and it’s amazing with any dessert.  I am going to buy up all of it in town.  I really am….today.  See…I can find any excuse to go outside.

Please ….let the sun kiss you.  Call me,




Hello Everyone!

Manchester has on her party dress!!  Greenery, bows, a touch of glitter…and the snow!  The only thing better than driving through town is walking around town.  Then while your cheeks are pink and  you are crunching on the snow….somewhere a door will open and you will catch a bit of Christmas music…..a whiff of coffee or hot chocolate….the feeling of good will.   You see families passing with laughter and people waving…. wait……I think someone wrote a song about Manchester!!

Mark, as usual is celebrating with a dish that is so warm and wonderful it literally makes people happy.  It’s the time of year for his Gil Feather Turnip  Gratin.  He keeps tweaking it and this year he has added on top of the homemade béchamel sauce….sautéed shitake mushroom, onion and garlic.  This warms you down to your littlest toe.  Then just to make your littlest toe wiggle……wine of course.  CASTELLO MONACI “LIANTE”, SALICE SALENTINO, 2013 ……just the thing. 

And for those just out of the cold….a warm toddy called “Fireside” with Fireball cinnamon Bourbon, Tuaca vanilla liquor and hot apple cider.  Does that not sound like the most delicious thing ever?

Happy Holidays Everyone!   I hope your season is filled with love, laughter, good food and good friends!

Call me,



I just love October!!  I mean really….so many wonderful things to do.  Apple picking, craft shows,  Autumn flowers,  apple cider,  warm fuzzy sweaters….and my favorite….gawking at the amazing colors in nature.  Mark says I sound like I’m watching fireworks they way I oooh and aaah.   I’m not the only one….I drive through Manchester and I see people taking photos of trees. I get them!!

My homage to the season…….Autumn Sangrias!!   Red and white with spiced rum and cider.  Delicious…if I do say so myself.

Mark has been busy.  He is making an appetizer of Cabot Cheese croquets with sautéed prosciutto and red bell peppers and then he adds a bit of anchovy mayonnaise.   Just add a glass of Silver Totem Cabernet….. annnnnnd….poof….magic.

I want you to enjoy the magic that is in the air this October!  Find time to get outside and if that is impossible….just munch on an apple while you stare out the window. 

Happy Autumn!!!!