Hello Everyone!

As most of you know…I just love this time of year.  If anyone bah humbugs me I burst into carol….if you glare at me in line while shopping I will toss a “Happy Holiday” your direction.  I am so filled with cheer that the wreaths smile at me as I go by.  Manchester knows how to puts it’s best foot forward too…all the bows and lights that sparkle at night.  See….I spontaneously break out into poetry.  I love the shoppers…..shopkeepers…the bookstore and readers.  I love the snow….the skiers, the snowboarders and …..and I believe I am channeling Dr. Seuss.

You get the picture.  It is beautiful here.   If you haven’t been to Manchester during the Holidays….I highly recommend it.

Just a note on the kitchen…Mark has added his version of Beef Stroganoff to the menu. It is absolutely delicious. As usual….I have some wonderful wines for you to choose from.

Have a wonderful Holiday season and enjoy every moment.