I love the slow moving changes of Autumn.  I watch the trees as the brilliant leaves gently drift to the ground.  I see the grass change from emerald to a soft shade of yellow and I can taste the clean, crisp Vermont air.  We are ever so slowly making our way toward winter………but not just yet.  Pull out your favorite sweater and most comfortable boots.  This is a wonderful time to just get out and take a walk, go for a hike or just stroll down main street.  You will find a bounce in your step and a smile on  your face.  Manchester is waiting for you!

And….so are we.  Mark is finding the best things.  He has added an aged blue cheese from Consider Bardwell Farm, called 802 Blue.  This is such a delicious cheese with and he serves it with Armenian cherries and baked, crisp filo topped with pistachios.  Don’t ask me how he knows exactly the right combinations…he just does.  He has his gifts….and so do I!     MONTE ZOVO, VALPOLICELLA RIPASSO!   Just sayin!!!

I hope you enjoy November with it’s time for family and friends as much as I do.  Just remember to take a deep breath of the Autumn air when you go outside.

Hope to see you soon,