Hello Everyone!

I’m sitting here looking out the window from my cozy little office and I see the most glorious snow coming down.  The snowflakes are so big they look like feathers falling from the sky.  Vermont and snow just go together and might I add that there were no cancellations for tonight!  I love that.  Intrepid all!!

Mark has made some fresh ground veal lasagna and it is exactly what the Doctor ordered.  He gives a choice of homemade marinara or bechemel sauce as well and on a night like tonight I’m thinking creamy sounds so good.    I also have added “Tost” to the wine list.  It is a delicious sparkling non-alcoholic drink that is not over the top sweet and goes well with food for all of those designated drivers. For those who are not driving I have a wonderful gluhwein.  A warm honey, cinnamon and red wine drink that we flavor with an ancho chili liquor.  Perfect on a snowy day!

My hope for you is that you get to enjoy the snow either out in it or sipping tea by your window, under your fuzzy warm blanket while watching the beautiful flakes swirl around.

Wait…..Ok…..I am watching four stunning redbirds outside on my tree.  Not kidding!  See what happens when you take a moment to enjoy nature!

Hope to see you soon,