Hello Everyone,

Spring is on the way.  Blue skies, bright sun and crisp wind.  It’s a great day for a warm scarf and cool shades….and a Jazz station on the radio.  It’s also a great day for wine!  But then when it is not?

Most of you know that I like to have a wine flight available.  I feature three wines that are the equivalent  of two glasses of wine and we serve them side by side with a description.  I think it is a fun way to go through your meal and a way for me to have even more fun with wine.  Starting on Friday I am going to feature three wines from the best known regions of Europe.  Chianti, Rioja and Bordeaux.   RIGHT?  I can’t wait. 

We have so many things on our menu that these would pair with beautifully…..but you know I have something in mind.  Mark has made fresh ground veal lasagna.  I am not kidding.  It is a lighter version of lasagna with all the flavor and he offers you a choice of homemade marinara or béchamel sauce.  Just say “YUM” now. I hope you can come in soon to try this combo.

One more thing……take time to look out the window and soak up the sun,