Hello Everyone,

It is just so quintessential Vermont here.  The snow is piled up and there is more coming.  I just love going out and taking a deep breath of the crisp, clean, white air.  It just smells so good to me.  Of course I scurry back into the warmth, grab my tea and watch out the window.  A quick breeze sends a bit of snow from the roof outside in a dancing swirl and in a moment of reflection I think…..  perhaps I should have wine?

In the restaurant I can smell Mark creating in the kitchen.  Yesterday he added the most delicious appetizer of crisp flatbread topped with tamarind BBQ pulled duck confit, shitake mushrooms and goat cheese.  It’s so good I almost melted.  I can’t wait for you to try it.  As usual I am pairing up a wine and I am thinking…..a Cote du Rhone would be perfect.

Hope to see you soon,  Enjoy the smell of winter!!!