Hello Everyone,

I love driving through Manchester early in the morning when there is always something amazing to see.  This morning I saw the early sun shining directly on one of the big mountains.  It glowed.  My imagination got the better of me and it looked like a movie where the hero finally gets to his destination and the light shines on where the treasure is hidden.   Ok…..a little dramatic…but you get the idea.

Mark has been in a Caribbean mood and has created two new specials.  An appetizer called Salmarejo that is lump crab in a criollo sauce served with shredded, crispy plantain and an entrée of plantain crusted Maji Maji served with rice and beans and topped with marinated onion, red bell peppers & olives.  They are simply delicious.

I love that the flavors of both are big enough that they can go with both white and red wines.  I personally like our Le Jouet, Domaine des Enfants white from France or our Villadoria, Bricco Magno, Nebiolo red from Italy.   Talk about a treasure.

Not to brag….but I know what I am having today.

Have a wonderful day!!