Hello Everyone!!!

We are so excited to be opening tonight.  We took some great time this spring to refresh the restaurant as well as work on so many projects rather than take a long trip.  It feels good to get so much accomplished.  I do feel as though I am painted out.  We did manage to spend a few days in Boston.  What fun!  So much to see and do.

Mark has come up with some new items for our menu and they are amazing.  I just posted the new menu today so please take a look.  I really love the Tamarind BBQ Salmon.  He serves it with pidgeon pea stew, mofongo and avocado.  This dish is full of flavor, texture and…..ok….I’m gushing.  Wait till you try it…you will see what I mean.  And now… with it…hmmmmm……definitely our  PASCAL BOUCHARD,  PETIT CHABLIS , FRANCE, 2013.   You will love it.       


P.S.  (  3 hours later…..)   Definitely the Petit Chablis  !!!