Mark and I will be closing the restaurant during the month of April.  Even to me it sounds like a lot of time …but let me explain.  We are using one week to work on the restaurant just to refresh it, so to speak.  This will include a lot of painting I am sure.  I have seen Mark’s list and it  goes on for days. 

Then we are taking some time for Mark and I to go to New York.  I am calling this “Research and Development”.  It’s always good to look for inspiration and we are fortunate that for us that this time it means Manhattan.  Then finally…. we will take some time with our children. 

We will be open again on Thursday, May 1.  We will be either fresh and raring to go….or completely worn out.  Either way we will be happy to be back and to see all of you again.   

Missing all of you already,