Hello everyone!

I woke up to a beautiful, glowing early morning mist.  As I sipped my coffee I caught sight of an acrobatic squirrel high up in the big tree outside my window.  He was sailing through the branches and for a second I felt the thrill of flight and held my breath.  Like a Cirque de Soliel performer he hit his landing on the tiniest of branches and then after bouncing madly….he shot off and I lost sight of his fluffy tail in the mist.  I laughed out loud as I noticed that I was not the only one watching….my cat was glued to the window too.

We are in one of the last summer days as we move into Autumn.  Orvis has put out their pumpkins and the trees are just beginning to change color.  The whole of Manchester is slowly getting ready for the pageant of color that is on it’s way.   But…for the moment…it is still just around the corner.

We were lucky enough to receive an amazing assortment of end of summer garden vegetables…all heirloom from a local super green thumb gardener.  Mark has made the most amazing chunky Ratatouille topped with goat cheese and then baked.   I feel like this dish is a wonderful transition from summer to fall.  I  have paired it with our wine Duet.  This is two half glasses of  Pinot Noir…one from Oregon and one from Austria.  Yum!   I have also added an Autumn Mule to my drink menu.  Oh yes I did.  Hint….apple cider.  Come on Autumn!

As summer fades and glorious autumn moves in….take time to go on a Sunday drive and pick apples, or just watch a squirrel scamper in the red leaves over your morning coffee…and laugh.