As I took my walk this morning I was smelling fresh mowed grass and looking at pretty flowers in yards, on porches, in hanging baskets and it makes me smile.  Manchester on a beautiful July morning is just a sight.  The birds singing, the clouds drifting overhead and a flag waving from every front porch.  It’s the kind of day you expect to smell BBQ on a grill later in the afternoon or see people sipping ice tea on the porch.  In other words….it’s my kind of day.

Speaking of BBQ….Mark is making an appetizer….wait for it….Tamarind BBQ Pork Eggroll.  It’s so good I can’t even begin to describe it.  Of course I am paring it with our Austrian white duet….half glass each of two different Grunner Veltlinners.  I do like to have fun with our wines.

Also Mark has his nod to July with our amazing Strawberry Shortcake.  Let me explain….warm almond shortcake, summer strawberries, vanilla ice cream and homemade whipped cream.  That’s right…that’s what I said.  It just makes me happy.  If you pair a glass of a delicious Creamy  Lemoncello with it you will be tasting summer.

I hope your Fourth of July is fun with family and sparklers,