Hello Everyone!

Manchester has on her party dress!!  Greenery, bows, a touch of glitter…and the snow!  The only thing better than driving through town is walking around town.  Then while your cheeks are pink and  you are crunching on the snow….somewhere a door will open and you will catch a bit of Christmas music…..a whiff of coffee or hot chocolate….the feeling of good will.   You see families passing with laughter and people waving…. wait……I think someone wrote a song about Manchester!!

Mark, as usual is celebrating with a dish that is so warm and wonderful it literally makes people happy.  It’s the time of year for his Gil Feather Turnip  Gratin.  He keeps tweaking it and this year he has added on top of the homemade béchamel sauce….sautéed shitake mushroom, onion and garlic.  This warms you down to your littlest toe.  Then just to make your littlest toe wiggle……wine of course.  CASTELLO MONACI “LIANTE”, SALICE SALENTINO, 2013 ……just the thing. 

And for those just out of the cold….a warm toddy called “Fireside” with Fireball cinnamon Bourbon, Tuaca vanilla liquor and hot apple cider.  Does that not sound like the most delicious thing ever?

Happy Holidays Everyone!   I hope your season is filled with love, laughter, good food and good friends!

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