I just love October!!  I mean really….so many wonderful things to do.  Apple picking, craft shows,  Autumn flowers,  apple cider,  warm fuzzy sweaters….and my favorite….gawking at the amazing colors in nature.  Mark says I sound like I’m watching fireworks they way I oooh and aaah.   I’m not the only one….I drive through Manchester and I see people taking photos of trees. I get them!!

My homage to the season…….Autumn Sangrias!!   Red and white with spiced rum and cider.  Delicious…if I do say so myself.

Mark has been busy.  He is making an appetizer of Cabot Cheese croquets with sautéed prosciutto and red bell peppers and then he adds a bit of anchovy mayonnaise.   Just add a glass of Silver Totem Cabernet….. annnnnnd….poof….magic.

I want you to enjoy the magic that is in the air this October!  Find time to get outside and if that is impossible….just munch on an apple while you stare out the window. 

Happy Autumn!!!!