Hello Everyone!

I can’t believe how green & lush it is in Vermont.  There are streams everywhere and in Manchester the lawns are pristine.  I live in picture postcard Main Street, USA and I love it.  We went to the fireworks this year and it was amazing.   Seriously, this event  will take your breath away.  If you ever get the chance….I’m not kidding!

Mark is taking advantage of the summer by adding a Blueberry Cobbler for two.  It takes a thirty minute bake time  and comes out so hot and delicious with vanilla ice cream on top. This dessert tastes like July.  I had a guest tell me after one bite….she wanted my life.  I just loved her.  Do you know what is perfect with this dessert?   I DO……Lemoncello!   You know I’m right!   I even have a drink this summer with blueberries and lemon.  It’s such a delicious summer pairing!

Speaking of summer….put on your shorts and T-shirt and go hike up to a lake.  Better yet…inner tube down a river.  Just drift along with the sun peeking through the trees and feel the cool water as you become a child again.

Take in Vermont’s dramatic nature…you will love it.