Lovely Manchester

GREEN, VERDANT, VERDE, EMERELD…..everywhere you look.   Manchester, nestled in the mountains, has come to life after a long, beautiful winter.  I love the changes here and can barely register one season before we are on to the next.  The hiking trails are incredible.  Seriously….if you get the chance to take some time away….this is the place to be.

Mark is spending a lot of time in the kitchen preparing some amazing things.   I will be the first to say that my small attempt at dieting is just plain silly.  He has added to the menu a Seafood Crepe.  It is filled with chunks of Salmon & Cod sautéed in a light dill cream sauce and yes….it is as good as it sounds.   I love it with a glass of Bila-Hout, Cotes du Roussillon.  This is a blend of Grenache Blanc, Grenach Gris & Macabeu.   Two words…..luscious peach.     I know!!!

We would love to see you, and if you can’t find the time just now….plant a flower and feel the green.

Happy Spring,