I can’t believe how incredibly beautiful it is here today.  The snow has lightly covered the tall trees and the whole world is white and seems to glow in the sun .  The town looks like a little girl wearing a twirly dress.  Ok…I am gushing….but I can’t help it.  You just have to see it.  I wish I had time today to make a snowman….it is the perfect snow for that.  At the very least I am planning on a snowball with Mark’s name on it.  Don’t breath a word! 

It’s enough to build up an appetite for anything Mark is cooking….really…anything.   His food is that good and yes….I am biased…a little.  That is why you need to try it for yourself!!

Make someone laugh with a snowball today….Gentleman….a hint…don’t go for the hair….never the hair.



P.S.  OK…he did it!  Went for the hair.  The war is on!