Today is a perfect  Spring day in Vermont!  After the last few days of rain, it is squeaky clean, bright, crisp and beautiful. 

Speaking of beautiful….you have to make sure you save room for dessert.  Mark has done it again and now we have another one that he has blown all of us away with.  His Caribbean Bread Pudding Soufflé has us all melting in our shoes.  He serves it with a coconut cream anglaise in a half a coconut.  It is such a beautiful dessert that you have to spend a moment in contemplation….but not too long.   Way to go Mark!

I have also added a new coffee drink to the dessert menu.   It is a cinnamon rum cream and coffee topped off with whipped cream.  It tastes so good we had to come up with a really fun name for it….. “Shut Up”!!        Have I mentioned how much fun I have here!

Get out and enjoy the day…take a walk, listen to the sound of spring,