Spring is here and we are just returning from three weeks vacation.  We apologize if we missed you while you were here and hope that you try us again soon. 

Mark has come up with some wonderful new ideas for spring that we can’t wait for you to try.  I am especially partial to the Ministroni soup.  It is full of chunky vegetables and tastes like spring to me.  He has also added a Roasted Cornish game hen over gandulez stew (pidgeon peas) and some mofongo (made with mashed plantain).   Well you know me…I could keep going on and on.  Anyway visit the menu page to see all of the wonderful new items. 

I have also added some tasty new cocktails that I am excited about.  Oh….and by the end of the week we will be adding a lovely spring rose sangria by the glass.  Of course it has a twist….and…there is my cliff hanger.  Now you have to come see me.

Open your windows and take a beautiful drive.  Hope to see you soon,