Hello Everyone!

Manchester is the best of new and old.  Neighbors sipping ice tea on their front porch in the afternoon….saying hello to passersby….while sending out a facebook post to their loved ones.  The smell of BBQ in the early evening while the kids play in the backyard with a drone.  Or….passing a beautiful Vermont Inn and taking a photo of it with your phone. I love this so much.  I love that I can go to the bookstore and read reviews in front of the books and yet they offer WiFi to listen to podcasts.  I love that I can go to the farmers market and get local honey or yogurt and then overnight it to my sister.  Shh…. it’s a surprise.

Speaking of combining new and old…….we are making a new cheeseboard using an aged cheese.  Barkeater Cheese is made by Consider Bardwell Farm and then aged for six weeks at Crown Finish Caves.  It is their take of the French style Vacherin Mont d’Or.  It is wrapped in spruce bark harvested in the Adirondack mountains. We serve it warm with a variety of accroutrements including Armenian Cherries.  This will serve 4 guests and is for $60.00.   We begin serving this on Wednesday July 31 and due to the limited amount we will only have 5 to offer this week and 6 next week.  I am so excited about this but then I have been a cheese lover for a lifetime.  Wine is so important with this cheese but I have several that will go with it well.  Let’s talk!

As usual, I like to encourage you to get out and spend time in Machester!  Hiking, swimming, shopping…it’s all fun.  Say hi to each other and stop for an ice tea to cool off.

See you in the Restaurant,