Spring…. Could it be?

Hello Everyone!

So…I feel a bit like spring today.  I know there is still a lot of skiing going on but the sun is shining and it’s an entirely agreeable  41 degrees.  It’s one of those beautiful, delightful days that makes me think of sun dresses and of how I should have started a diet sooner.  But that day is not today….it’s a sangria day!  We make red and white sangria with rum…yum!  I usually wait until there is at least no snow on the ground but I’m making an exception this year.

I am also excited that coming soon we will have a rose’ flight.  Three different rose wines from three different countries.  I feel like doing a Snoopy dance…the one where his nose is in the air and he is just dancing around.

Mark of course has made a delicious special.  Salmon en Croute….Salmon baked in puff pastry served with a dill cream sauce and spinach salad.  Words…fail.  This is one you just have to see to believe.  I would just like to add one more thing….Sancerre!  Piercing acidity like dipping your toe in an ice cold mountain stream….in the spring! I keep going back to that theme.

I want you to enjoy today.  Try to enjoy the crisp, sunny air and take a walk.  I’m on my way out the door to do so now.  Or…..just try a sangria while there is still snow on the ground.  Let happiness reign!!

Hope to see you soon,

Melody…the happy