Hello Everyone!

Who remembers Ella Fitzgerald’s version of that song?  So beautiful….as is the view out my office window.  Lazy, lovely summer days with tall green trees being swayed by a slight breeze and big, fluffy white clouds in a blue, blue sky.  Don’t mind my drifting daydreams or my humming as I stare out my window.

Oh….speaking of summer…Mark was able to get the most amazing heirloom tomatoes from the local farm: Earth, Sky, Time.  From green & yellow to garnet red they are the best thing ever!  Of course he is making a Caprese Salad with them and they smell, look and taste….like summer.

To go with that you ask?  I have the most delicious wine flight that I highly recommend.  Three wines; Rose Sancerre, Sauvignon Blanc & Sancerre. All from Domaine Fournier Vineyard in France.    We serve all of them at the same time with a description and they equal two of our normal glasses of wine.  They are crisp and lovely and I swear you can taste the sunshine in them.

For those of you coming our way….it is blueberry picking time.  Mark is almost ready to start making cobbler.  YUM!

Get out in the sun or at least…open your window and enjoy the breeze,


Summer in Vermont is so great!