Hello Everyone!

I can’t believe how beautiful it is in Manchester.  I was driving my son to school this morning and we decided it looked…..**Magical**.  The snow, the mountains……you just have to see it.  I told him that although there are so many amazing places in the world….we just happen to be in one of the MOST beautiful places of all.  Lucky us!

Manchester is all dressed up  the Holidays with twinkle lights, garlands and red bows.  I have done some of my holiday shopping here and it feels….well……. fun.  In and out of the snow with your boots crunching…walking into a shop with all the warmth, wonderful smells, lovely people and of course the Holiday music. I enjoy it so much Mark is starting to get worried I might go overboard.  I can’t even believe he would think that.  Do I sound like I could ……ok……never mind.

After all that shopping you will be starved and that is where we come in.  I can suggest a glass of wine to get you started and then you can just sit back and let us spoil you.  Mark has just added a warm, tasty Osso Buco that will melt the snow off in a hurry.  It  goes so well with our Chateau Moulin de Mallet Bordeaux……see…I can’t help myself.

I always suggest that what ever you are doing, take time to enjoy nature. Bundle up and go for a walk….or just sip a tea while you look out your window.  Or better yet…get into a snowball fight and laugh with someone you love.   Just have fun.

Happy Holidays,