I feel autumn in the air.  The weather is crisp, the mums are coming out around town and a very few trees are starting to sport a touch of color.  I am so excited!!   As much as I love all of the seasons…..I have a soft spot in my heart for Autumn. It just feels so good. 

We like to tip our hat to autumn with our Autumn Sangrias. The first is our red sangria made with Granacha, cranberry apple cider and spiced rum.  Our white sangria is made with Gewurztraminer, spiced apple cider and spiced rum.  They make you think of sunshine, apple picking and fun. 

Of course we hope to see you and share our fun cocktails with you but if you can’t make it here…..just take some time to look around and watch the colorful show that nature has in store for us.

See you soon,