Happy Holidays to you!

Vermont in the winter….I love it.  After twenty years in Puerto Rico, I am thrilled every time I see giant, fluffy snowflakes.  Recently I was outside at 7:oo in the morning trying to get a great photo with my phone of the falling snow to send to my sister.   She, the smart-aleck, focused on the fact that I was outside at 7:00 a.m…….I was like…”what do you mean!  She laughed….I sighed….sisters!!!   She is just wishing she were here for the snow and  Mark’s cooking.

Speaking of….we have a new special appetizer that makes my mouth water.  He has added a Goat Cheese Soufflé, drizzled with Lavender Honey and served with warm toast.  For pity’s sake…how does he think of these?  I could warm up to this paired with a glass of Grunner Veltliner….. and I bet you could too.

Enjoy your Holidays with friends and family!