My…the temperature has dropped and the leaves are just beginning to turn.  How exciting!   I am starting to see pumpkins being used for decoration and bags of apples ready for pies.

I have been working on some new Autumn martini recipes and of course tasting them….I won’t lie….it’s fun.   Mark has been making some wonderful and interesting changes to the menu as well and yes I have tasted them also.  I can’t wait to share them with you!   

Remember to have fun, go for a hayride or pick apples.  Take time in your busy life to enjoy the season. 

My Mother sent me a letter when I first went away to college and the following is a quote from it that I particularly liked.

“Before the icy, glittery fingers of winter get you in her grasp…may the playful winds of Autumn toss your curls a little.”

Happy Autumn!