Hello Everyone!

I hope you had a wonderful and fun New Year’s Eve and a warm and cozy New Year’s Day.

So….the beginning of a new year, like a bright, shiny penny….a new calendar….a brand new journal….a new pair of shoes.  You get the idea.  Always exciting and always fun.  (Ok….shoes are always the most fun….who am I kidding?)  I wish for all of you a fresh new year with hopes realized and love returned.

Now…let’s all cheer with a Ruby Sparkle.  My personal favorite of Pama (a pomegranate liquor) and Prosecco.   Warms up my toes, spirit and mood.

We all have fallen in love with a fun drink….a Vermont spice.  This is a combination of Spiced Rum and pumpkin ale on ice.  Seriously!  When the pumpkin ale is gone…..so is this delicious cocktail.  We’ll try not to drink it all up.

Happy New Year,