Hi Everyone,

Well….has this been the most beautiful summer ever or what?  I almost hate to come to work….. Ok…who am I kidding?  Love it here!!

Mark is celebrating summer in his own way by making Blueberry Cobbler.  It takes about 20 minutes to bake but is worth every minute. He tops it off with Vanilla Ice Cream and well….double dare you to not close your eyes with the first bite.  He made one for all of us to taste and it was gone so fast I barely had time to blink.  I really enjoyed my one bite. 

I don’t know how long they will last so be sure to ask for one before they are gone.

Enjoy your summer, go on a picnic….or call me,



Summer in Manchester!  Wow!  I mean…..Wow! 

Even now as I look out my window I see the prettiest Robin just belting out a tune., and don’t even get me started on all of the beautiful flowers everywhere.  I have even been feeling pretty smug about my slim gardening skills.   Manchester has a wonderful way of making the most of every season.  I like to do my part to celebrate the seasons and so for summer I have a Watermelon Martini.  We use chunks of  juicy red watermelon that we shake in the shaker with the other ingredients.          I have no words. 

 Ok….maybe I do…..Summer fresh, delicious, crazy good.  What a great way to start your dining experience with us. 

Call me!!!