What a beautiful  snowy day in Vermont!   I love it!  We are so warm and cozy here at The Silver Fork.  Mark has been  cooking all day and amazing smells are wafting out of the kitchen.  A wonderful way to warm up is a bowl of Mark’s French Onion Soup  that is topped with three different cheeses and served with  a pair of scissors.   For those of you who like my drink list we have a warm Mojito that will just hit the spot. 

Get out of the cold and warm up with us,



I love what I call “The Art of the Aperitif”.  This is for those of you who don’t care for a martini but wouldn’t like to jump right into a glass of wine.  It is that time before the meal when you can relax and take your first sip of something that makes you happy.  Well….I have ..happy!

We offer both red and white Lillet as well as a special aperitif that we just added:  a Maple Bitters Champagne Cocktail.  We take a sugar cube and soak it in maple bitters, then we drop it into a champagne glass and pour in the sparkling wine.  So good…ask me how I know…of course I had to try it.

Next time you are here we hope to tempt you with an aperitif.

Hope to see you soon,