Mark and I will be closing the restaurant during the month of April.  Even to me it sounds like a lot of time …but let me explain.  We are using one week to work on the restaurant just to refresh it, so to speak.  This will include a lot of painting I am sure.  I have seen Mark’s list and it  goes on for days. 

Then we are taking some time for Mark and I to go to New York.  I am calling this “Research and Development”.  It’s always good to look for inspiration and we are fortunate that for us that this time it means Manhattan.  Then finally…. we will take some time with our children. 

We will be open again on Thursday, May 1.  We will be either fresh and raring to go….or completely worn out.  Either way we will be happy to be back and to see all of you again.   

Missing all of you already,




More snow!   I am loving it!!! 

When I was little, my brothers and sister and I would play outside in the snow for what felt like all day. When my Mom called us in I loved that warm cozy feeling I would get when I walked in the door and smelled something delicious in the air.  Well…..it happened again yesterday.  Mark has made a cassoulet appetizer of slow roasted pulled pork and Spanish chorizo and he serves it with warm cornbread.   I am in love with this dish and of course I have a beautiful  Spanish Tempranillo red wine that you must try with this appetizer.  Since I am in a “Spanish” mood maybe I can get Mark to learn to flamenco dance with me….ok…maybe not.  Still giggling over that!

Stay warm,





I can’t believe how incredibly beautiful it is here today.  The snow has lightly covered the tall trees and the whole world is white and seems to glow in the sun .  The town looks like a little girl wearing a twirly dress.  Ok…I am gushing….but I can’t help it.  You just have to see it.  I wish I had time today to make a snowman….it is the perfect snow for that.  At the very least I am planning on a snowball with Mark’s name on it.  Don’t breath a word! 

It’s enough to build up an appetite for anything Mark is cooking….really…anything.   His food is that good and yes….I am biased…a little.  That is why you need to try it for yourself!!

Make someone laugh with a snowball today….Gentleman….a hint…don’t go for the hair….never the hair.



P.S.  OK…he did it!  Went for the hair.  The war is on!



http://Photos of Silver Fork, Manchester
This photo of Silver Fork is courtesy of TripAdvisor

Since we are always changing our menu and keeping it “in movement”, Mark sometimes likes to bring back an especially popular item.  This is a Swan filled with homemade Gran Marnier Ice Cream and as I like to say….floating on a lake of dark chocolate ganache.  You HAVE  to try it.  Call me!



Happy Holidays to you!

Vermont in the winter….I love it.  After twenty years in Puerto Rico, I am thrilled every time I see giant, fluffy snowflakes.  Recently I was outside at 7:oo in the morning trying to get a great photo with my phone of the falling snow to send to my sister.   She, the smart-aleck, focused on the fact that I was outside at 7:00 a.m…….I was like…”what do you mean!  She laughed….I sighed….sisters!!!   She is just wishing she were here for the snow and  Mark’s cooking.

Speaking of….we have a new special appetizer that makes my mouth water.  He has added a Goat Cheese Soufflé, drizzled with Lavender Honey and served with warm toast.  For pity’s sake…how does he think of these?  I could warm up to this paired with a glass of Grunner Veltliner….. and I bet you could too.

Enjoy your Holidays with friends and family!




It is official, there is snow on the ground and winter is here.

I do so love my winter warm drinks and when you come in out of the cold it makes you cozy and warm all the way down to your toes.  So…is it no wonder that I am making mulled honey wine?   Yes….we put it on yesterday and then we all tried it….and….LOVED IT!!!

After you take off your gloves, hat and scarf …ask about our mulled wine.



We are so excited about this amazing cheese that Mark just got in.  It is from Thistle Hill Farm and is a raw milk, farmstead organic cheese.  Mark is making a new appetizer with roasted red potatoes over a wild mushroom ragout….then….you guessed it….he is topping it with this sharp, tangy, delicious cheese.  Oh yes….all melty.  Ok…I don’t even care if that is not a real word (sorry Mom)…..it is SO melty.

This cheese is so good with so many wines that instead of pairing it up….I just did a tasting.  Love my job.

See you soon,




It really is one of those days when you want to warm up to a steaming, cheesy bowl of Mark’s onion soup.

A little of a North Coast Cuvee and some warm flatbread and you are going to be so happy……I was.

Come in for the soup,



I am sorry if I am repeating myself but…..it is crazy beautiful here in Manchester, Vermont.  It is the kind of autumn day that makes you want to roll in a pile of leaves and have a Kodak moment.

Mark has been busy all day in the kitchen and he keeps adding some wonderful things to the menu.  He received the most beautiful pheasants from Someday Farms and now has added two new specials.


With wild mushroom ragout & polenta


Sautéed with acorn squash ravioli & pecans

Oh yes….you know I have a wine I love with these.  Come in and find out what it is.

Enjoy the crisp fall days and go roll in some leaves,